What You Need to Know About Resisting Temptation

Temptation is part of everyday life. I don't think there's a day that will go by when we won't experience the temptation to sin in a variety of different ways

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Welcome To The-Temptations also know as "The Tempter"

I want to make it clear that temptation itself is not sin. It only becomes sin when we enter into that temptation. Don’t Try to Deal with It Yourself

Because we have a tendency to deceive ourselves by glossing over areas of weakness in our life, it seems like the devil knows us a lot better than we know ourselves sometimes. But we can gain an advantage over him by studying our behavior and dealing with our weaknesses.
Sometimes we try to deal with everything ourselves, don't we? We just try to resist in the flesh when we should be asking God to help us.
You know, one of the times that Satan will come and try to tempt us to cave in is when we're overly tired, when we've been working too hard or when we’ve gotten out of balance doing things for other people and are not taking care of ourselves.

Temptation is endless. And we've got our hands full resisting it.



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